Donigan Cumming
Even as the Falcon Plummets

Donigan Cumming


Editioned Boxed Set

This is a limited edition of five boxed sets published by Donigan Cumming in 2022. Each inkjet print is signed, dated, and numbered on the back of the sheet. The images have been printed by PhotoSynthèse, Montreal, on Moab-Entrada Rag Bright 300. Edition design by Robert Tombs, Ottawa. The clamshell box has been manufactured to archival standards by Bella Forte Designs, Santa Fe.

Even as the Falcon Plummets is a suite of photographs from a series begun in 2020. The images are essentially still lifes,
with references to anthropocentric extinction and naturalist illustration. The series began as a reflection on flight and the inevitable Icarian tumble back to earth. The photographs evoke oppression and violence, as well as flights of the imagination, even in states of confinement.

The series title and epigraph are drawn from John Banville’s historical novel, Doctor Copernicus. The passage is full of photographic allusions yet escapes the photographic. It is that last-before-the-last second that has obsessed me and driven the creation of this work.

— Donigan Cumming, 2022