Donigan Cumming

Donigan Cumming



It's re...remarkable...when you’re, you're ridin' free.
Now I got, got...I don't even have a horse,
I don't have a gun. I'm just a...shootin' target, you know?
I don't have a...
You know, when you're out there, in, in town...
You go to town, to town,
You got your gun,
You got your horse,
and, takes, and it takes away that fear,
and, gives you some confidence.

Excerpt from the video Fountain (2005)

Limited edition artist’s book acompanying the solo exhibition Kincora at Galerie Eric Devlin.

Montreal: Maquam Press in a signed and numbered edition of 100, 2008
37 pp 56 col. and b&w. Ill. 220 x 142 mm